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Our Life Change Challenge embodies one simple mission:

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Maybe the idea of heading into a new direction is not new for you.  Maybe you've even tried and failed many times. In our Life Change Challenge you'll find a comradery of everyday like-minded folks sharing success, challenges, and even failures each day as we are pursuing our 90 Day goals.  For you that means having a partnership of unlimited motivation, emotion, and drive each day to stay committed and focused.  You'll also find that we're all too busy, too old, and have kids, but having the wisdom to understand that it is YOU that can steer the ship of your life is the key for this year to be different than last. Discover more about how being a part of our growing team is helping each of us reach higher this year, and we promise you will too. This is your time!     

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:17