Nov 032014

A year ago I started on a fitness journey that resulted in me losing 16.3 kilograms of fat. But due to a busier schedule and projects I gained back the 10 kilos. Now, I’m at it again.  In the next 100 days, I will claim back my health and fitness, and improve my life by learning habits for a successful life. This will be my documentation of my journey through weekly updates (photo, weight, fitness stats).

Let’s begin.

Here’s me at 110 kilos again: image

Nov 162013
7 Hiking Essentials to Make Your Trip Successful

NOTE: Once in a while I’ll be presenting guest posts from my friends and colleagues on fitness and health topics. To start it off, here’s some tips on hiking from Quinn McAdams. Working out in a gym has its benefits, but sometimes gym life can become repetitive. Switching up your routine by getting out of the gym …read more.

Oct 012013
Starting the next stage.

Hi everyone! The picture above is my month end update. That’s me after bulking up back to 100kg from 99.3kgs. October will be start of the next stage of my fitness training. More intense and frequent cardiovascular trainings and a lot more lifting are coming my way. I pray to God for strength and discipline …read more.

Aug 292013
Four-month weight loss and fitness report

Last 22 August 2013 marks the fourth month of my weight loss and fitness challenge. I’ve been doing weekly updates, and as you can see in my progress photos, I have slimmed down. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve accomplished in the last four months. Lost 16.8kgs New Personal Record (PR) of 56 minutes to …read more.

Aug 052013
Week 15 Results: Lighter, Stronger, Farther

Current weight: 100.0 kgs Weight loss (start to present): 16.3 kgs Commentary I’ve missed posting updates for the last two weeks due to a bad case of the colds and coughs. I’ve stayed away from the swimming pool, too, to avoid spreading any virus I may have. To compensate for my lack of physically activity …read more.

Jul 152013
Week 12 Results: Back on Track

Current weight: 101.9kgs Weight loss (start to present): 14.4 kgs Commentary After the weight gain scare I had last week, I decided to work harder in the gym and do more cardiovascular exercises. This meant pushing myself to do more reps in the gym guided by my personal trainer, and swim further in the pool. …read more.

Jul 092013
Week 11 Results: Unwanted Weight Gain

Current weight: 103.7kgs Weight loss (start to present): 12.6 kgs Commentary It is the first time since I started this fitness journey that I gained weight. And I hate it. A week of eating rice and lesser number of workouts has contributed to this weight gain. I will lose this weight and more. Here’s my …read more.

Jul 042013
Week 10 Results: Continuous Weight Loss

Current weight: 103.3kgs Weight loss (start to present): 13 kgs Commentary The last week wasn’t the most active week I’ve had. Another busy week with minimal workouts and minimal cardio. Here’s my weekly health and fitness breakdown: Fitness Gym – I was able to go to my Tuesday and Thursday workouts with my personal trainer …read more.

Jun 252013
How I lost 26 pounds in 2 months - Healthy Weight Loss

Note: Before going on any diet or fitness plan, please consult with your physician first, to ensure that you are fit enough to undergo the diets and exercises. I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle on 22nd of April,  2013. After two  months, I’ve had 26 pounds or 12 kilograms of healthy weight loss. …read more.

Jun 242013
Week 9 Results: Start of another month

Current weight: 104.3kgs Weight loss (start to present): 12 kgs Commentary This is the first time I wasn’t able to complete my weekly workouts because of an injury from a non-gym related accident. Last Wednesday, I slipped on some wet pavement and strained my ankle. I had to rest it a couple of days. When …read more.

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